This Week in Science: August 21 – 25

Every Friday, I post a round-up of interesting science news, pictures, videos, and tweets I found while poking around the Internet. I hope you enjoy.

While I’ll try to stick with current events, you might find the occasional oldie but goodie. If you read something that sparked your curiosity recently, share it in the comments below.

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A cool thing with AI: Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Predicts Dementia two Years before the Onset of Symptoms

Artificial womb raises hope for premature babies

No one eats fruitcake. Century-Old Fruit Cake Found in Antarctic Hut

“The fruit cake itself looked and smelt (almost) edible,” the AHT researchers said.

Elon Musk Unveils SpaceX’s Sleek New Spacesuit on Instagram

A cool and slightly frightening thing with AI: Facebook’s artificial intelligence robots shut down after they start talking to each other in their own language


Does not look like Caprica 6


Hurricane Harvey grows stronger as Texas braces for historic storm to make landfall Friday evening

But did he go to Jared’s? It Rains Diamonds on ‘Ice Giant’ Planets

Women doing the damn thing. Meet Gwynne Shotwell, the Woman Who Could Take Us to Mars

The SpaceX president sees no extraterrestrial challenge too big to tackle.

Robotic Exoskeletons Show Promise As Tool to Help Kids with Cerebral Palsy Walk Easier

Mars has nighttime snow storms

NASA’s Best Photos of the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017


Credit: Joel Kowsky/NASA


See the Best-Ever Imagery of a Star Beyond the Sun (Photos, Video)

Smart labels could tell you when to toss food and make-up:

Ten Surprises For Scientists And Skywatchers During The Total Solar Eclipse

The story behind viral, iconic Smith Rock total solar eclipse photo


smith rock
Credit: Ted Hesser

Follow this talented photographer on his Instagram here and Facebook here

That’s not terrifying at all. We share the Milky Way with 100 million black holes

Some tweets:




And a quote:

Science is not only a disciple of reason, but, also, one of romance and passion. – Stephen Hawking


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