Photo of the Day: Here’s a Bird to Take My Mind off Programming (Eh, I talked about programming anyway)

I’m entering the third week of Fall Term and it feels like time is moving too fast. Every day is blending into the next and there’s never a break in between assignments. At least, that’s how I perceive my little world that’s currently orbiting proofs and conditionals.

if (torie learns programming)
the past 2 years = worth the effort
cout << “she wasted her time” << endl;

I began writing a post about my first 2 weeks of C++ programming. What was intended as a brief check-in turned into the beginning of a really long novel. So that’s for another day.

Briefly, I’ll say that learning the syntax of C++ isn’t too difficult. In 2 weeks, I’ve written 9 programs and repeated use of operators, conditionals, etc. becomes second nature quickly. The area where I’ve had some issues is in problem solving. I can write nice-looking, well-structured code, but if the logic is faulty then it’s a meaningless effort. I have the tendency to overthink things and find myself writing code that’s far too complex for the issue at hand. That being said, I have a solid A and plan to keep it that way.

For other beginning programmers: I can’t stress the importance of thoroughness. Study every word of assigned reading, view every slide, and watch every video. There’s no room for knowledge gaps – even if you don’t need every bit of information inside your code, you need to know what options you’re passing over and why. Also, ask for help when you hit a brick wall. Learning how to work through problems is essential in computer science, but if a 1 hour project is taking 5 hours, it’s time to seek help.

I’m sure there are many posts on C++ in my future, but for now here’s the time I spied on birds in southern Oregon.

IMG_3108 - Copy



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