Photos of the Day: Why I Love the Coast

I never saw the ocean until I was in my 20’s – ahem – late 20’s. That was life as a Midwest girl, born and raised. I was in awe the first time I laid eyes on the Pacific Ocean in all its glory. Also, there might have been some nausea as I asked myself why I quit my job and vacated a perfectly nice house in Oklahoma for a state I’d only seen on Wikipedia and Google images. Hey, it all worked out.


There aren’t many things as peaceful as standing barefoot on a beach as waves crash at my feet. I could stand there all day, watching the water swell like the crescendo of an orchestra, only to retreat seconds later. Views in every direction are pleasant, from the man walking his dog, to children building sand castles, to kites flying in the wind.

IMG_2760 (2)

I love the smell, the beaming sun, the saltwater taffy from local shops, and escaping from hectic city life. And I haven’t ruled out leaving my perfectly nice city house for a small place near that ocean.

IMG_2771 (3)



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