Astronaut Scott Kelly’s AMA and Instagram are Out-of-this-World

I was so excited to see Scott Kelly did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit yesterday. His answers are very fun and interesting, which makes sense from a guy who spent an entire year in space. He wrote a book about that experience too. Click here for a sample of Endurance: A Year in Space, A Lifetime of Discovery on Amazon. (That’s going on my Christmas list.)

Scott and his identical twin Mark. Good luck telling them apart – they’re both astronauts.

Scott Kelly’s Wiki page here.

Mark Kelly’s Wiki page here.

They’re the most awesome twin brother astronauts ever.

I have a somewhat neglected Instagram account. Like this website, I’m consistent with posting in between semesters and disappear when math comes back into my life. So I tend to forget about the cool people I follow. When I scroll through my feed about once a week, I have constant moments of, “Oh, them!” and “Yes! I remember when I had time for this!” Scott Kelly’s Instagram is one of those cool feeds.

During his free time on the International Space Station (ISS), Kelly enjoyed taking photographs of space. And they’re all fantastic. I can’t recommend his Instagram enough! (I get excited about space.)

Screenshot (96)
Photo credit: Scott Kelly
Screenshot (98)
Photo credit: Scott Kelly


Screenshot (97)
Photo credit: Scott Kelly

Screenshot (94)

Browse super cool astronaut pictures here

Screenshot (92)


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