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Photo of the Day: Mr. Samwise Gamgee

Sam showed up in our backyard about 5 years ago. As I looked at him through the glass door, I realized he needed help. Poor little guy was skin and bones, covered in ticks, and clearly sick. My boyfriend won his trust with a handful of cat food which he gobbled down while clumsily tripping over a water bowl I set out for him. Then, he disappeared.

That night, I placed a cat carrier on the patio in hopes of him returning and having shelter for the night. In the morning, he was curled up towards the back of that carrier. So we took him to the vet, got him tested for FIV (negative), had the ticks removed, medicine administered, and nursed him back to health.


He’s been with us since, even making the cross country trip to Oregon in the same carrier I left out for him that night he found us.

I named him Samwise Gamgee after one of my favorite characters in Lord of the Rings, but he goes by Sam now. His days of dangerous adventuring with the Frodo cats of the world are gone, but he’s more than happy spending his time snuggling on the couch and attacking the strings that hang off the corners of my blanket.


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