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Photos of the Day: A Walk Around the State Capitol in Salem, Oregon

A visit to your State Capitol is a great way to spend an afternoon. In Salem Oregon, tours are available Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4 pm, and begin at the top of the hour. The tour guides are typically the kindest retirees with an interest in history and desire to spread their knowledge. It’s also a wonderful thing for kids to experience. Also, it’s my favorite price — free! This is a quick trip through the building in Salem.


The “Gold Man” stands 22 feet tall

More on the statue here


See the statues


After I took my first art class I was so excited to identify the sculptural technique


During holidays local choirs sing at these steps


Write to your Senators and Representatives


Sit at the Governor’s desk


Learn the history of the seal


See where the Representatives play…


…Senators too



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