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Photo of the Night Before Finals

When my instructor said “Welcome to Finals Week,” all I heard was Effie Trinket.


In 10 hours, I’m taking my Computer Science final which is a pencil and paper exam. I was a bit taken aback on the paper midterm because there’s a part of programming that is muscle memory at this point. Without the keyboard underneath my fingertips, there were moments I blanked on which slash I’d been using all along.

The test is 1 1/2 hours. I don’t think there’s much studying to do. At this point, no one is learning to program overnight and we should all know the material well enough. I’ll read over the newer stuff like structs and enums on the bus but I should be good there. I hope.

Then I’ll have one hour of studying before my Discrete Math final, which is 2 hours long. That class. Ooh boy, that class. There’s a future blog post about the mental gymnastics that class required. Towards the end, I grasped the material alright, but the beginning was awful with an upside A. DISCRETE MATH JOKE, I AM READY FOR SLEEP.


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