Photo of the Day: That Front Porch View


Throwback to the Summer when I vacationed at a gorgeous cabin in Southern Oregon. About 2 minutes after snapping this photo, a chipmunk interrupted my studying.



3 comments on “Photo of the Day: That Front Porch View”
  1. codeinfig says:

    i love that your blog is a photo blog, and also a “blog blog” where you actually talk about stuff. thats one heck of a porch!

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  2. torie says:

    Thanks! There’s endless beauty in Oregon. I have to come out from behind the computer screen and explore every once and awhile. 🙂

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  3. codeinfig says:

    thats what i like about netbooks 🙂 of course no one uses them anymore, they use tablets. *shudder*

    either way, its easy to change your surroundings. and if you dont look away from the screen, youve probably got an app you should uninstall (facebook or something ridiculous like that)

    happy exploring!

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