Classes are Almost Back in Session and I’m Feeling Okay-ish About That

Quick thoughts on the upcoming Winter Term:

I’ve enjoyed my past month of rest and relaxation. I got some writing done, watched so much Netflix I should be a spokesperson, and slept enough for the next 3 months. If only sleep worked that way. I would gladly stock up during breaks.

Tomorrow, my Winter classes open up on Blackboard and officially begin Monday. I like taking those extra days to read over the syllabus and get a jump start on first week assignments. Ideally, I like having a one week cushion on my work because I know halfway through term, I’ll hit a slump.

For the next few months, I’m taking three classes: Computer Science, Differential Calculus, and Geology: Volcanoes, Mountains, and Earthquakes. I’m also on the waiting list for a Computer Architecture class and additional Geology class. If they both open up, I’ll likely take the Geology class to get those science credits wrapped up.

I’m feeling appropriately anxious about term. I’m not jumping for joy over having classes again – I’ve been burnt out for months – but I’m also ready to take it on.

CS: Computer science will be a continuation of what I’ve been doing since September. I’ve already seen the syllabus for this class so I’m most nervous about it. I don’t think the work is above my abilities, but it looks like a super demanding term. So there are long nights on the horizon for sure.

Calculus: I’m not nervous about the Calculus class. Not that I’m a math expert, but I’m fairly confident in my skills. With 5 math classes already behind me, I don’t think this will be the one that floors me. Plus, I hear the instructor is amazing. At this point, the only thing I dislike about math is how much time it takes.

Geology: I’m really excited about the Geology class. Yeah, it’s a science requirement, but I genuinely enjoy learning about our crazy magnificent planet. Labs are long, about 3 hours, and that means lot of times for fun experiments I hope!





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