The 23andMe Expanded Results Update

Early this year, I took a DNA test through 23andMe. If you’re curious about the process, I linked previous posts below. The first walks through the kit and testing. The second is about my results.

Unpacking the DNA Ancestry Kit from 23andMe

My 23andMe Results!

In February, 23andMe announced they were adding 150 populations and regions across the globe to create a visualization of the geographic origins of customers’ DNA. In other words, instead of getting a vague result like “European”, the results would pinpoint where in Europe your ancestors lived.

From browsing r/23andme on Reddit, I’ve seen really cool updates to DNA profiles. Unfortunately, mine were a bit of a letdown. The only category that updated with specific regions is my Native American heritage.

Screenshot (27)
I knew about Mexico but everything else was a nice surprise

The rest of my categories had empty circles.

I would guess Spain but the update came back with nothing
I have a few percentage points coming from this region but zero clue where they come from. 

Same with Africa…

Screenshot (29)

And so on…

Screenshot (30)

So the update was a big dud for me. However, while browsing through my new “results” I did notice the number of DNA relatives discovered actually decreased from January.

This was my profile in January:

1079 DNA Relatives

This is my profile today:

Screenshot (32).png
987 DNA relatives

Somehow, I lost 92 relatives! This is why I never like updates.


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