about the science woman


Torie of the House Victoria, First of her name, The Unrested, Queen of Cats, Khaleesi of a Small Neighborhood in the Pacific Northwest, Breaker of Code, and Mother of Humans



This website is a place to share my computer science journey and things I learn along the way. During semesters, posts might be few and far in between. Excuse the occasional whine session during these periods, but CS is hard and I’m running out of curse words to scream into my pillow. During breaks, I have time for the good stuff. In general, my posts lean towards CS or general science. Every once and a while, I might get distracted by a squirrel.

Some things I like: horror movies, cheese, hiking, standing on the beach while waves break at my feet, Jack White’s music, marching bands, Kate McKinnon, when I order extra pickles and they put on more than 3 pickle slices, Elon Musk’s Instagram, NASA’s Instagram, cat snuggles, I could go on and on here, The X-Files, I had no plan for writing this, writing programs that work, clean sheets, broccoli, travelling, stand-up specials, Reddit, plate tectonics, and obviously all the things like spending time with people I love.